To realize this project smoothly and to follow the goals of we are one we need your acknowledgement to the following terms & conditions:

  1. By submitting your media files you assure that you are the owner of the rights of these recordings and you give us these full rights to store, edit, cut, change, publish your work in any suitable way :
    a) solo as your personal performance
    b) as part of a group performance
    c) as part of the global performance
  2. Send us your media files in any format, if possible
    audio: mp3 (256kbit or more), AIF/WAV (16bit/44.1kHz or higher)
    video: mp4 or mov, FULL HD (1920x1080p) or 4K
  3. Use WeTransfer, dropbox or any file transfer app.
    You can also send us a link to a webspace where we can download the files.
  4. We can’t pay for the contributions as we operate as a non-profit organization. We try to save as much as possible to support as many projects as possible.
  5. What we love to give back the ambassadors and artist is promotion and publishing to a large community and being part of the movement. We are sure that this is much more than paying any amount of money as the energy of this song is creating good moods every time it is heard and played.
  6. We may decide to NOT publish your work if we get the feeling that it is not suitable.