Be part of the movement! You want to apply as ambassador, artist, or simply support WE ARE ONE? Just get in contact with us! After email confirmation, we will send you a link with various downloads of WE ARE ONE: single tracks, with/without backing vocals, and so on. You will be able to record / remix whatever your heart loves to do.

Just get in contact with us!


A natural person or organization/group who represents her/his country and has the following qualities: living the philosophy of “WE ARE ONE”, willing to spread this philosophy, a suitable background of living.

Ambassadors will be featured with an exclusive interview.


A natural person or organization representing the country, no difference if you are musician, singer, dancer, actor… every creative contribution which can be filmed or recorded is welcome as long it shows the philosophy of WE ARE ONE.


A natural person or organization who just wants to support WE ARE ONE – we are thankful for any contribution and give you a huge THANK YOU.