Orphanage in India

About 55km south of Chennai there is an orphanage in Mamallapuram. There is a deep connection to Rev. Bila who takes care of about 30 children. The children lost their parents during the tsunami 2011. Here in the orphanage they take care of basic needs as food, a place to sleep and education. Since 2014 we support this institution with money, school support and medical items.

Waldorf education in Austria

We believe in good education which unfortunately is not free. In Eisenstadt there is the “Sonnenlandschule” which is not supported by the government. So we decided to contribute to this dedicated school by leading the “social pot”, giving parents with lower income the possibility to gain from good education.

Dreamly living resorts

We highly believe that supporting means rising. If you help others, you help yourself. Likeminded people living together in an own village – this is our biggest dream: rising together – together we rise. There is place to live, grow, rise, educate, research and everything you have ever been dreaming of. Thats why we call this resort “dreamly resorts”. Permaculture, vegan diet, respectful and peaceful living in harmony with nature and its living beings.