When I came in contact with the Mayan “in lak’ech ala k’in” which means “I am an other you(rself), you are an other myself” I was surprised and upset at the same time. Of course I loved to be kind of “connected” with people I love, but the thought of being connected to people who I don’t like made me think: why in the world I should be the other person I don’t like? And so I decided to decline this philosophy and saying.

But as nature’s law can’t really be refused, I was kind of “attacked” by this philosophy more and more. Today I know that the more you reject somebody or something, the more it chases you. So I found this philosophy in almost every culture, in so many sayings, and even in movies.


Yes, the Disney movie “Lion King” has a fundamental and simple scene, when King Mufasa explained to his son Simba that we have to respect every being, even the antelope. When Simba replied: “Yes, but we eat the antelope!”, Mufasa made a big saying: “Yes, but when we die, our bodies become the grass. And the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.”

This very simple but deep wisdom deeply shaked me again. And so my journey started to the next level.

THE OPPOSITE is the same

I came in contact with The Kybalion. This challenged my being to the next level: there are seven principals, the interesting one for this topic is the fourth one: the principle of polarity: everything is dual, everything has two poles, and everything has its opposite. All manifested things have two sides, two aspects, or two poles.

Ok, so far that is easy, but here is the point: there are two sides to everything, opposites are identical in nature yet different in degree…

It took my mind and me a while to accept that as a fact.


I could write millions of words – maybe this won’t change anything. Once you allow your mind to open to that very ancient principles something deep will happen. It can’t be described by mind or logic – you simply have to feel it, you simply have to EXPERIENCE IT. And so it happened.

I normally would say “I wrote this song” – but the truth is: it came to me as an insight. It was the beginning of 2012, as a wonderful gift. The words, the meanings, the sayings – they all showed up as somebody or something gently called me saying: “Hey! Wake up! It is time now. Just do it.” Now I know that it was THE DIVINE – or whatever you would like to call it – waking me up and giving me the task – or shall I say “the mission”? – to bring this to the world.


It was like a puzzle when I found one saying from the Lakota Indians: Mitakuye Oyasin – which means: “we are all related”.
If you look into the Christian Bible, you’ll find

Matthew 25:45:
“Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

So I was very happy finding the same meaning in different ways in really every culture. But still there was missing one part in the Chorus where it was repeating one line.

By that point the mission was clear: what words and languages can not express – music simply can do. So the mission turned out to spread the movement and find musicians and artists from all over the world who experienced the same in feeling connected and united.


At that time, 2014, I was publishing the song the first time on facebook, and only a few hours later Ines was contacting me and asking if she can use the song for an organization in the Bahamas. I was surprised, but agreed. So WE ARE ONE was the slogan for a call for building a necessary first aid and education centre – and it happened that for the first time in history the representations of organization, government and church were sitting together and decided to build this center together. What was not possible for many years, music brought together and made people work together.

And so my journey continued and brought me to India.


When I arrived it all seemed like a “divine guidance”: after 25 mins I met Michael, a German priest and guide. I told him about the song and my mission. He simply said: “You have come to the right place and it seemed that it is the right time.”

To make it short: when I heard the Sanskrit expression: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” the first time, I cried tears of happiness. Again my mind did not understand why this saying was touching me so deeply, but my cells and my soul already knew it: the meaning is “the whole world is a family” – and the rhythm of the Sanskrit expression fits perfectly in the missing part of the chorus. So the song was finished by now.

I got the great opportunity to share the song after class at Oneness University – and wonderful people from all over the world came and took part in it. We were singing the song again and again – I did the first “remix” version with Indian drums and some dance beats… until we got the great opportunity for a “private darshan” with Sri Bhagavan. Yes. really Sri Bhagavan!!!

It happened that about 400 people from all over the world were performing WE ARE ONE very close to Sri Bhagavan – what a feeling! And it also happened that the first time he was throwing a kiss and said: “I love you”. Then we got the permission to make a performance and recordings in front of the Oneness Temple, where normally nobody is allowed to take pictures.


And so the story continues: being back in Europe with tons of movies made with mobile devices, I started putting all recordings together somehow and made the first movie. I put it on YouTube and simply was full of joy, although the quality of the recording is not really the best, but anyway you absolutely can feel the groove and the joy. Only a few weeks after I put WE ARE ONE on YouTube I got a call for the Rumi World Music Awards. I first could not believe it, but to make it short: YES! WE ARE ONE got the RUMI WORLD MUSIC AWARD for the best song in Las Vegas 2015.

What can I say? I am deeply grateful and blessed being chosen to spread this movement – and of course I will keep on working and spreading the song, the artists and the growing joy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help, for your contributions and for your support!

Jürgen Solys
President WE ARE ONE Association